Plant-America Donates Plants To Non-Profit Organizations

If you are from a non-profit organization, university or governmental organization and need a few plants for a project, planting or experiment, please do not hesitate to email Tammy and allow us to help you free of charge. 

Plant- America Nursery Donates Plants for Research


Plant-America Nursery is a one-stop farm that deals with a variety of quality plants. Our nursery is situated in McMinnville Tennessee. This initiative mainly focuses on educating, supporting, building and publicizing America’s gardening communities We ship conveniently to everyone, regardless of whether licensed to buy at wholesale price or not. Our customers have voted us as a reputable and trusted online nursery. We have a zero fraud score on all our online transactions.




Our primary objective is to donate plants that are intended for research free of charge. We have continuously distributed and shipped free plants for experiments, projects and planting to government and non-profit organizations, conservation groups, as well as universities. If you are working on a project and require a few plants, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. In exchange, we would be grateful if you would mention us on your website regarding the donation, to help us build our credibility as well as help non-profits.


Our nursery consists of more than 500 species of plants, mainly medicinal, herbaceous, and wetland plants. We specialize in quality plants that have not been in contact with pesticides, insecticides or herbicides in any way; this makes the plants perfect for research studies. With this in mind, feel free to get in touch with us for a donation to you at no cost.


Our donation program has been running for the last 61 years; we have donated sapling and liners to more than 419 non-profit organizations, Universities, conservation groups, as well as agencies run by the government. The plants are mainly used in university experiments, wetland mitigation, medical projects, governmental experiments as well as laboratory science programs. This plant research teaches us on how to approach and solve problems in health, agriculture as well as the environment.


Quality is our Motto.


We strive to deliver quality plants, free of charge for the donation program. Our plants are dormant when shipping. We ship the plants as bare root thus reducing the costs of weighty containers and soil. We ensure our plants remain fresh when in transit by applying special heavyweight gel to the sources. Later we place plastic and peat moss around the roots and ship out within 24 hours after packaging. It enables the roots to retain its moisture and keep them fresh for up to 9 days until when they are planted. We ship our plants using UPSP priority mail, they take three days utmost, if the plants are in transit, they remain fresh due to the application of the gel on the roots.




Our mission is to reach out and donate quality plants intended for research free of charge.


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