Rabbiteye Blueberry

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Rabbiteye Blueberry


Rabbiteye Blueberries are normally grow on the southeastern of the US. States such as Virginia, Tennessee, the south of Florida. These berries won't grow unless the pH of the soils is in the range of 4.0 to 5.5 and water be pure.  If planted in the right soil the berries are fairly easy to crop. Buyers love to have these berries for there high concentration of antioxidants. The size normally ranges around a dime to nickel size. they are quite large and sweet to taste. Texas people pick the berries by hand that would be some hard work. harvesting can be done by hand or machine. The berries start growing around spring time. When all the beautiful flowers start to bloom. The soil for these berries have to be well drained. The roots to these berries are shallow. Soil drying should be done good and not half way. New rabbiteye berries soil should be treated good three months before planting. And you have to kill all the weeds of course. You have to make sure the berries roots don't dry out or they want grow properly. The rabbiteye berries should at least be planted 2-3 times each year so they will grow into a nice size and be sweet. When you plant things you need to get soil that doesn't have nitrogen in it. If you get soil that does have nitrogen it can effect the growth of the plant. These berries are delicious to have. They are so sweet and juicy. You just have to have them. So why not go out and buy you some today or better yet plant your own. If you will always have them nearby. Just make sure you plant them right so they will come up a decent size. Maybe you can even sell them its up to you.

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