Low Bush Blueberry

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 Lowbush Blueberry Plant


If you are like me and enjoy the delicious taste of blueberries, you want to plant them yourself so that they are fresh off the vine. Just think of all the blueberry muffins, pancakes, waffles and smoothies you can make. Blueberry jam is good too. Best of all you can grow these berries right in your own backyard. No more going to the grocery store paying high prices for blueberries that may or may not be fresh. The health benefits are awesome. Did you know that these berries have antioxidants that help fight cancer and diseases that come with old age? Most people would love a fruit like this can help keep them in perfect health. The best part is, it will not cost you a fortune to plant yourself. When you began to plant, make sure the soil is good and sandy. Blueberries tend to do well in that type of soil. To make sure that the roots stay moist, you can apply sawdust, peat moss, or wood chips around the plants. Straw will definitely work as well. Next, make sure to water the blueberries on a regular basis. You can use a drip irrigation system to help make watering easier to do. Since some blueberry are not self fertile, you can get a beehive, so that the fruit is pollinated by bees in order to grow properly. If planted correctly, you can yield a plentiful crop during July and August. Just imagine yourself picking them off the vine, and they are so juicy and sweet. These blueberries are very easy to plant. You will not go broke trying to enjoy a delicious, and healthy fruit. So what are you awaiting for? Now is the time to start planting those tasty lowbush blueberries. Get your green thumb ready and start planting. You will not regret doing it. 
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