How to Care For Golden Bells Forsythia

If you are looking for a boundless method to enhance a spurt of color to the landscape when other shrubs are not in bloom, then Forsythia shrubs are suitable for you. Forsythia is one of the easiest plants to grow and maintain.
They grow very quickly with nearly no maintenance at all and can survive neglect. They grow in nearly all the soil with a condition of full sunlight and a light shade. Although there are no specific conditions for these plants, they can grow best under optimum conditions.
Despite its ability to survive poor conditions and low maintenance, there are measures rallied to care for the growth and survival Golden Bells Forsythia.
I will take you through the following measures:

1. Find a suitable place

For you to achieve bright blossoms, you have to plant the shrubs in a place where it will get full sunlight and light shade. The more the sunlight, the brighter the blooms.
Taller varieties need to be grown next to structures or buildings for support.

2. Fertilizing the soil

Although these shrubs can survive poor conditions, there are means to ensure the best growth. The soil should be well drained and fertilize with compost.
Adding peat moss and compost will supply the soil with nutrients that will bring the best growth in shrubs. In the first years, it may not be necessary but for the next years it is necessary to fertilize the soil.

3. Cutting

If you don’t cut the plant in years, then it may bring disappointments since they may reach a point that the blooming disappears. For you to maintain the growth of petals, it is necessary to cut them radically and a little bit on the tips. This will help enhance the flowering of the plant.

4. Wintering

Although most varieties of Forsythia shrubs are winter hardy, those planted in spring can survive the lowest degree.
However, winter protection is essential in plants that were planted in autumn. This can be done by wrapping the bucket with shrubs with foil or protecting the fresh plants with a foil.

5. Forcing the plant to bloom indoors

The best branches to force are those with spaced buds near the top of the plant. The larger the buds, the quickly the indoor blooming.
You should cut the branches and buds then immerse them in cold water. Re-cut them later and move them to a vase of warm water. Set them in a sunny window and at the end of time, you will achieve a bright blooming to brighten your room.


Although Golden Bells Forsythia may be able to survive neglect and low maintenance, it is necessary to use the above ways to care for the plant. This will help you in achieving the best and consistent bloom throughout years without the need to wait until spring for the plants to bloom nicely. These are the suitable measures to care for Forsythia and have your home colorful throughout all seasons of the year.

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