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Plants are an essential aspect of our everyday lives. They contribute to the earth's beautiful nature, provide us with oxygen, and we also use them for shade and shelter. Some plants even provide us with a source of food.

The plants that supply us with food are commonly known as vegetable plants and fruit trees. The lesser known plants that also produce food, are the fruit plants such as the berry plants.

The most favorite and versatile berry plant is the dewberry plant, although it grows across the ground like a vine. Its fruit - the dewberries - closely resemble blackberries. They are so closely related to each other that there are many controversial topics of discussion about whether they are called dewberries or blackberries.

The dewberries' versatility is comprised of a few different factors. The first is that it grows naturally in pastures and fields, as well as in man-made gardens. The second factor is how widespread its use is. It is one plant where the whole plant is edible, or can be used in some way. Dewberries can be eaten right off the plant, or used to make pies, jams, juices, and so much more. The leaves are used to make tea and have been found to be medicinal. Aside from food and/or medicine, the vine part of the plant can be dried and hardened to be used as material for décor.

Dewberry plants also provide a form of exercise and leisure time. Many people get their dewberries by picking them, which constitutes as exercise. People also pick dewberries as a sense of relaxation. Being out in the warm sun and methodically picking the dewberries is an activity that they thoroughly enjoy.

As aforementioned, dewberry plants are a versatile fruit plant and are one of the most popular and favorite types of fruit plants.

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