A List of Reasons to Plant Trees - The Advantages and Benefits

Trees provide the environment of our everyday life with a list of essentials that are very important, and, at times, beautiful. Unfortunately, many trees are cut down every year, sometimes for industrial use and others by illegal loggers, but regardless of the reason, replanting is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. Not just Earth Day is reserved for treating our planet as it should be, and planting a tree can be an excellent way to help not only Earth but the lives of those on it.

The roots assist in recycling water by acting as a filter for rain or other forms, removing toxins and releasing an output of cleaner water for our rivers or even our bodies.

While it's no secret that the atmosphere is not as healthy as it used to be, trees are continually doing what they can to clear the harmful pollutants that are not only wearing away the precious ozone layers, making the Earth gradually hotter but exacerbating or even causing lungs problems such as asthma. Trees "breathe" in carbon dioxide and other toxins, and "exhale" oxygen.

Trees roots don't just strain water; they also hold the dirt together. In areas where trees are scarce, the soil tends to crumble quickly and not give as much support; in areas where rain is prevalent, trees soak up the excess to keep the ground even.

On a hot day, a little shade can seem like an oasis, so why not use what's naturally there and stand under the thick leaves of a tree? But that isn't all - they can protect you from rain, too.

Everyone needs a home base, somewhere to rest their feet, but so do animals, such as birds and squirrels. A tree is a perfect place for creatures to make a nest.

Planting trees aren't something that will only help now - future generations will feel the benefits, too, like a legacy.