The Many Gardening Advantages Of Planting Shrubs

There are many benefits of planting shrubs in your garden. These plants that are shorter than a tree have several woody stems near or in the ground. If you are looking for ways to increase the value and beauty of your garden, then you need to consider shrubs.

Add Color

Shrubs come in many different colors. While some stay green throughout the year, others change colors throughout the season. Possible choices include red, white, orange, yellow, and many more. Instead, use them as a privacy fence or as a focal point in the garden, there is probably a color that you adore. Some shrubs will flourish in spring when people think they cannot stand even one more day of winter's cold.

Keep Environment Cooler

Shrubs are a beautiful solution to help cut cooling costs. Consider planting one next to evaporative coolers to keep it functioning correctly even on the hottest summer days. Tall shrubs may be the perfect addition to blocking the hot afternoon sun from streaming into your living space. Consider choosing shrubs that drop their leaves during the winter still allows the sun to enter the living space during the colder months.

Provide Food

While almost all shrubs will bring squirrels, birds, and other wildlife to your garden, some like blackberries, blueberries, and raspberry shrubs can also provide you with an excellent source of food. This can not only save you money, but it may also increase your family's health.

Create Visual Interest

Planting shrubs is a great way to increase the visual interest of your garden. While smaller plants and trees are both critical, using shrubs creates an important optical link between the two making your landscaping look like a well-developed unit.

With so many different choices available, plant a shrub today that does well in your environment.