Fern- Pteridophytes

The classic fern is a fantastic addition to any garden or home collection. A variety of plant- the array of green shades and leaf patterns make it easy to find a fern for any place or occasion in your home. Fern's make beautiful additions to outside gardens and landscaping, patios, as well as lively and festive home decor.
The long delicate fronds of a fern can bring any space to life with an abundance of fresh filigree.
The fern can bring the ambiance of fun or peaceful tropical paradise to any corner of your home or lawn.
Ferns look beautiful hanging from ceilings or rafters as well as perched on bookshelves and coffee tables.
Not only do ferns make lovely porch decor, but they are also an easy way to bring nature indoors. Some creative spaces for ferns include
bathrooms, office spaces, bedrooms, and spare rooms/offices/sanctuaries. The fern can be contained in a small area or pot, but left in the wild can grow to over 50 feet in height.
Comfortable in both direct sun light and shade, ferns are easy to take care of, not demanding of their owners, and require minimal maintenance.
Moist, but not overwatered, soil creates a beautiful environment for the plant to thrive. Ferns are very durable plants that can withstand climate changes with ease.
Finally, ferns are not known to pose a threat to health.
Not only are they are safe to be around small children and animals, but the fern is also not an attractive plant for pests.
Ferns are unusual in their reproduction methods. Unlike many plants that utilize seeds to reproduce, the fern has spores.
The noncomplex nature of the fern makes it the perfect plant to liven up and add a burst of oxygen into any space.
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