Berry Bushes

The Many Advantages Of Planting Berry Plants

There are hundreds of types of berries throughout the world. There are berry plants that fall directly under the botanical classification of berries, such as Currants, Grapes, and Elderberries. Some berries fall under the definition of Drupes, which include Acai berries and Persimmons, and then there are the many fruits that fall into various other berry categories, like Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Cherries, Mulberries, and many more.

Whether growing on shrubs, trees, or ground cover style plants, berries offer a unique accent to any organic garden. Most types of berry bushes and trees are very tolerant to acidic soil, surprisingly enough, and provide a passive source of tasty snacks, assuming you plant exclusively edible berries. As with any garden plant, be sure you know what you are consuming if you decide to eat what you cultivate.

Several varieties of berries can be incorporated right next to each other, coexisting and even providing advantages towards one another. For example, a garden could include a grape tree that drapes above blueberry bushes, with the cracks willed between and underneath by strawberries that grow low to the ground. They all thrive in similar, airy soil and can protect the other berry plants, by retaining water, providing shade from the sun, and blocking wind and elements from damaging the plants.

As stated earlier, planting edible berries gives you the opportunity to seasonally collect a variety of fresh fruits. Berry trees or bushes can be grown alongside several other fruit-bearing plants that grow at different cycles, giving you a nearly constant supply of various delicious, garden-fresh food.

The appeal of planting and tending to berry plants in your garden is too high to pass up. These plants allow cross-pollination between other close plants, which leads to a healthier garden, and adds a pleasing aesthetic to your garden's atmosphere. Berries can make all your efforts stand-out in the best way possible.
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