Blueridge Blueberry

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The Blue Ridge Blueberry


The Blue Ridge Blueberry, scientifically known as the Vaccinium Pallidum is a perennial plant found in old fields and upland woods. This plant whose blooming occurs in late May through late June fruits throughout the month of August; its optimal identification period is late May. Its most distinguishing characteristics include smooth bluish-white leaves with a waxy coating, whose length ranges between2.5 and 5cm.

The Blue Ridge Blueberry has pitcher-like flowers measuring 5-8mm and blue fruits that are covered with a bluish-white waxy coating. Its leaves are ovate to broadly elliptic, which are entirely or seldom serrulate. This plant is especially ideal for growing in your yard; its berries are great for making jams and pies. It will also grow and adapt to any soil type.

Moreover, this plant will provide you with gorgeous color and beauty; it produces little flowers in the spring as the berries start developing on the shrub. This deciduous shrub features glabrous, and sometimes slightly pubescent branches that are initially green and gradually turn yellowish green while being covered with small warty dots. Its fruits are very delicious with a bitter-sweet taste.

This shrub gets its aesthetic value from its small, dark blue to purple berries. In some rare instances, the berries could be pure white in color. These plants are often preferred by homeowners for aesthetic purposes; while their green colored leaves have a toothed edge, they are not sharp, rendering them safe for kids. Besides, the bark on its stems is equally attractive; it's often greenish brown to red in color while its smaller twigs are usually green, gray, red or yellow in color.

The Blue Ridge Blueberry is usually found in areas whose temperature doesn't go below freezing. Its natural habitats include the understories of chestnut, oak, maple or pine forests. It can also thrive in sandy or heavy clay areas provided that the climate is humid. Subsequent to planting this shrub, you can correctly expect to start getting its tasty berries in approximately 1 year, and sometimes 2 years.

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