Alnus Glutinosa A Hardy Native Shrub

Alnus Glutinosa A Hardy Native Shrub

Alnus Glutinosa

Alnus Glutinosa, otherwise known as the Common Alder or European Alder, is native to Marlberg, Germany, but can be found throughout Europe and Southeast Asia. The tree has a rapid to medium growth rate, and dense, dark green foliage; in the fall, the leaves change to a pretty chartreuse or yellow-brown. The Alnus Glutinosa has reddish-brown flowers in the winter, and the female blossoms are a lovely purple. The plant is highly susceptible to a Phytophthora, a disease that has wiped out the species in many parts of Europe. Mature trees can reach heights between 40 and 60 ft., and a width between 20 and 40 ft. Best growth can be expected with full to partial shade and medium to wet soil. The trees are low maintenance and tolerate a wide range of soils. They are perfect for yard shade in the summer months and the colorful blooms will enhance the beauty of your lawn.

Zones - 3-7

Mature Height - 40-60 ft.

Mature Width - 20-40 ft.

Sunlight - Partial to full

Soil Conditions - Dry to wet

Botanical Name - Alnus Glutinosa

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