Black Raspberry

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Black Raspberries

Have you ever herd of Black Raspberries? I am sure you have seen them and passed them off for a blackberries but they are actually very different. They both belong to the same Revas gene. But blackberries appear shiny and black raspberries are not available in south America and Asia, just north America and they are picked with the stem. But there is also some very great oral benefits to eating these berries.

More buried treasure has emerged with black raspberries and oral cancer. So what is the connection? If you already have pre cancerous cells in your mouth, it seems that black raspberries selectively inhibit the growth of those cells, but not the normal cells which is exactly what you would want. They have actually done studies on this and had a group of people with precancerous cells and they instructed them to run the black raspberry juice on their gums for a certain amount of time. What they found was that most of the patients lesions improved and even went away to clinical regression thanks to just berries. Now they are finding new innovative ways to use the berries instead of people just eating black raspberries all day long. They have now made it injectable and even into a gel so you can just inject the berries goodies or rub the gel on your gums.

So in conclusion, this is a plant that has many oral health benefits for people who have pre cancerous cells in their mouth. They have conducted scientific studies proving this to be factual. Mother Nature gives us natural remedies all around us so why not take advantage? And the best part is its indigenous to North America. This plant is not poisonous and has several health benefits that you can further explore online.
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